Their Journey Your Rules.

Same safety. Way more features.

👋 Meet Adventurer

Adventurer opens the door to a new level of independence, safety and peace of mind, for kids and parents alike.

4G calls. GPS. Parental controls. All the features you need

Share life with everyone that matters

With enhanced Chat & Call capabilities, share photos, share videos or even share upcoming events.

⛔ No social media
⛔ No open Internet

We put their safety and your peace of mind first.

You get parental control

Connect your child's device with your Spacetalk App and watch the magic happen. You control the app and watch features your child can use, all in one place.

Stay connected in more ways than ever with our revolutionary new interface.

Capture and share memories

Take full advantage of Adventurer's 5MP camera by capturing memories and sharing them with the family.

We've got heart

The first Spacetalk watch that comes with a heart rate monitor. Now that's something.

Reliable coverage because you need it

Custom designed to perform with UK network operators.

Please note - Adventurer requires a Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data, and a Spacetalk app subscription for up to two watches at €4.49/month or up to five watches at €6.49/month.

Dust & Water Resistant (IP67)

Protected up to a depth of 1 metre for a duration of up to 30 minutes.*

School Mode for distraction free learning

School Mode is a special app feature that allows you to control the functions on your child’s Spacetalk smartwatch phone.

Designed for school use, School Mode ensures that your child’s safety device can be worn as a simple wristwatch during school hours, with none of the risks or distractions of smartphones or other internet-connected devices.

Plus much more:

A graduation cap

School Mode

A traditional phone handset

4G Phone

A water droplet

Water Resistant

A person walking

Fitness Tracker

An alarm bell ringing

SOS Alert

A map pin

GPS Location

A speech bubble with a few lines


a line drawing of a parent and child

Safe Contact List

Bluetooth Icon, made of the nordic runes for Blue  and Tooth


A five pointed star

Reward Stars

A small bell

Reminders & Alerts

A sun emerging from behind a cloud


Find the perfect match

From school-friendly neutrals to bold neons, we have customisable straps to suit everyone.*

Spacetalk Adventurer Accessories

rectangle shaped charger, mounted on small stand with USB type C cable plugged in

a clear film screen protector being applied to an Adventurer watch showing an analogue clock display